Dr. Kolodziej

Orthopeadic surgery is a complex, challenging, and stimulating area of medicine. Dr. Kolodziej received her education in the diagnosis and management of bone and joint conditions right here in Michigan at the Detroit Medical Center / Wayne State University with several nationally and internationally known professors and surgeons.

She further underwent training to specialize in the foot and ankle at Duke University Medical Center, which has been ranked as one of the top medical centers for research and training. Tricia participated in numerous studies in both basic science research and biomechanics, in addition to clinical research studies. One in particular, testing a new surgical device invented by a Michigan surgeon, lead to a breakthrough in how bones are fixed. This concept is now used around the world and has changed how bone surgery is performed.

Tricia was offered a position at Duke University in North Carolina. However, as a true Michiganian, she chose to return to our beautiful state, working in Southwest Michigan since 1996. Dr. Kolodizej has been involved in educating the next generation of medical providers, as an associate professor at Michigan State University in the orthopedic department, and nurse practitioner program at Grand Valley State University. She has always enjoyed the great outdoors and many sporting activities, piano, and building things.

When your feet hurt, everything seems to hurt. Evaluating and diagnosing foot and ankle conditions can be difficult, as this area is very complex, with more joints and bones in this small area than any other part of the body. We walk directly on our feet, they support our entire body weight, and they move in a very complex manner to function properly.

Our feet are also the end of the line for our arteries, veins, lymphatics, nerves. Gravity effects them more than any other part of our body. These parts are just as important as our bones and joints. Most of the time, the diagnosis is not made by expensive and lengthy testing, but by close observation and careful questioning and listening. Often the problem is multifactorial, and can be related to issues the back, hips, knees. A comprehensive education in the total musculoskeletal system enhances the ability to devise a treatment program.

Dr. Kolodziej believes in a thorough evaluation, which can take more time, but if the correct answer is reached sooner, you can be started on your road to recovery more quickly. Many nonsurgical options are available for most conditions, and many people have avoided surgery and lengthy recovery. Her years of experience learning what works and what does not, can help you chose the right treatment for you. Our goal at Ivanrest Foot and Ankle Specialists is to get you back to doing the things you enjoy and remain active.