Arch Supports

We often see patients as adolescents and adults who present with problems that may have been avoided had the patients been treated as children. This is why we have an increased focus on early identification and prevention which can result in a better outcome for patients with flatfoot and other foot issues.

One easy way to identify children who may have foot problems as adults is to look at the feet of their parents. Feet are genetically related, just like hair color and eye color. Ever hear the phrase, Apples don’t fall far from the tree. If someone has bad feet, they’re probably going to give them to their kids and their grandkids. If we’re working on your feet, don’t be surprised if we ask, “Do you have kids and grandkids?”

We feel that increasing awareness of pediatric foot issues will result in more children receiving the care they need to prevent complications as they age. And to that end, we are pleased to offer a full range of affordable orthotics from Little STEPS® that come in 11 sizes to fit toddlers to teens and the QuadraSTEP® System that is based on a clinical assessment algorithm which identifies and differentiates the structural and functional aspects of the foot into 6 specific foot “types”.